Bobtail Fender Rack

Color: Chrome
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Style and function come together in this beautifully sculpted luggage rack. The sweeping rails and the narrow cross tubing combine to form a rack that follows the contour and enhances the shape of the bobtail fender. And because the rack floats above the fender, you have a convenient spot to secure a duffle bag or touring luggage without risking damage to the painted surface. Fits '08-'13 FXDF and '06-'08 FXDWG models. Does not fit FXDFSE/2. Does not fit with Tri-Bar LED Tail Light Kit P/N 68546-09.


  • Chrome

This item can only be used on the following Harley-Davidsons.

  • DYNA

    • FXDF (2008-2014, 2008-2014)
    • FXDF103 (2013, 2013)
    • FXDFSE (2009, 2009)
    • FXDWG (2010, 2010, 2007-2008, 2007-2008)
    • FXDWG ANV (2008, 2008)
    • FXDWGI (2006, 2006)
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